Developing a Road Map

How many times have you gotten excited about a goal, only to quickly get thrown off course? Or worse, stuck in neutral, in the “I don’t know what I want to do with my life phase”? Getting in gear and staying focused is hard. It’s like traveling down a highway: you see your destination, where you should be going but the distractions on the side of the road are too tempting. Distractions like emails to check, sites to browse, friends’ pics to see… comparing, competing, chasing and trying to impress people, or things that don’t really matter… the list goes on and on. That’s a problem because when you start taking detours, your destination gets further away. Plus, the mental and emotional toll and energy it takes to try and measure up to what others tell you that you should want, do, or think can leave you feeling exhausted and defeated. You’re moving, but you’re not moving ahead. You need a map, a GPS, that helps you ignore the distractions and focus on getting you where you want to go.

The Game Planner is that GPS. As you travel to success, the Game Plan fuels your progress by aligning your passion and purpose. Ensuring it’s all directed towards productive action every day. It’s a 6 step system that connects your micro-actions to your macro-vision so you’re more focused, fulfilled, and FREE. It connects the “WHY” you want to accomplish something to the “WHAT” you have to do to make it happen. Which is the key to staying focused and in the driver’s seat of your life. The Game Planner System aligns those two critical pieces because you can’t have one without the other. By helping you discover what you value most, you can start to create your goals, strategy and ideal level of balance in your life. Then with the roadmap in hand, you can measure your progress, set your focus, ignore distractions, operate in the present, and control your journey.

This is your life, your rules, your Game Plan.

Coaching to Greatness

“Elevate to Great” is more than just your typical motivational, self-development book. E2G provides real life stories, applicable lessons and practical exercises to help you live your most fit, focused and free life. The take-aways provided in this book are relatable to anyone’s personal journey. From how to deal with internal day-to-day struggles to discovering your passion, purpose and true potential, Elevate to Great is just what you need to take meaningful action towards living the life you deserve!

Ready to Get Back on Track Towards Your Goals?!

Achieve Success

Aaron Weiner

The biggest benefit for me is 100% clarity and focus on what I want. I understand exactly what I want and am taking massive action daily to get there… I am taking massive action daily with clarity and purpose.

Angela Lee

Through this process, I’ve learned focused discipline and mindset… The Game Planner System has made me more aware of my biases and I’ve come to accept that my journey is my own and I can live with the ups and downs as long as I know I’ve been intentional. I’m not waking up each day letting the wind blow me in any direction.

Jen Wylie

AI am able to keep the big picture in mind and feel that I know what my goals are and thus can stay focused and act with intention. Have also become more conscientious and improved on my goals and areas of my life that have always been a struggle. Increasing water intake, decreasing body fat % by 6% in 30 days, increasing strength, finished up current job and am ready to move!

Lili Ghazian

I feel much more focused and on track. My actions are towards accomplishing goals which gives them a much bigger value. Everything from my own personal accomplishments to my professional and community involvement are now all conscious decisions for my own growth.

Amber Willits

I am more motivated at work! I have more confidence in myself, in my capabilities. I am more committed to writing down what I want and how I’m going to get there. I feel happier and more focused than I’ve ever been. I’ve accomplished my reading goals! I’ve accomplished weight loss goals! I’ve accomplished work goals!

Leticia Carney

I’m staying in my lane more and am able to use negativity as fuel to my fire. My confidence has increased tremendously…Before I kept thinking there’s no way I can do this but I now tell myself that I will! . The Game Planner has changed my mentality and I feel so grateful.

Phil Ackerly

I have an easier time saying no to people that distract my attention. I’m more focused on getting meeting my goals. I feel more confident on my targets, but know I can do better. I’ve added new routines to my repertoire, invested in marketing and coaching for my business, and reached out to give back to my community.

Jen Martinez

The Game Planner System has helped me have a better understanding of what I will and will not tolerate in my life. I’ve even gotten over my fear of trying something new!

Kailey Boland

I’m a lot more focused and feel like I am actually taking the right steps now to accomplishing goals because I set my focus each week. If I find myself ever hesitating I think back to my focus to keep me on track. Also feel like I am holding myself to a higher accountability standard.


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